All shades of blond - from platinum to gold

Blond isn't just hair color. This is a state of mind. Maybe you want to add a little radiance to your image? This article will help you choose the best blonde shades that are right for you. Find more here: shades of blonde

Shades of blond: the whole palette

Choosing a blonde shade is not an easy task! Determining the color type will help alleviate this problem. For example, if you have a cold color type, then a silvery blond will suit you. And if it is warm, then a more golden hue.

Of course, you can ignore the color rules and choose colors that are visually appealing. The most important thing is that you like the color.

Shades of blond: real platinum

Platinum blond is achieved by lightening the hair, that is, by oxidizing the color pigment. After that, the strands are tinted in the desired shade.

Shades of blond: gold dust

A permanent classic is a golden shade of blond. A color that will brighten most blondes.

This shade is distinguished by golden tints, it can be made in both lighter and copper tones. By the way, there is an opinion that golden blond helps to visually throw off several years.

Warm blonde shades: wheat blonde

Wheat is a lighter shade of hair than golden blond. Very often, the positive heroines of films are painted in this particular shade. It is not surprising, because it is he who gives the image a special innocence and tenderness.

Wheaten blond is most suitable for girls of the spring color type, who are distinguished by blue, light green or light brown eyes and fair skin.

Do you want to create curls with which your wheat shade will shine even more luxuriously in the light? Watch the video on our YouTube channel All Things Hair Russia.

Beige blond

The "boom" of the last two years is a beige blond.

It is known that light beige and brown overflows successfully fall on dark blond or red hair. They are often complemented with sandy undertones. Also, when staining, you can encounter persistent yellowness. But a professional can fix the matter by applying a pearlescent tone with a translucent base.

Shades of blond: caramel blond

Probably one of the most attractive shades of our time. Since this is a rich color, it is better to choose it for girls with dark or peach skin tone.

Honey blond

The honey-golden hue is very popular with the fair sex.

It is especially suitable for representatives of the "spring" color type with fair skin, light blue, light green, gray or light brown eyes.

"Dirty" blond

This shade of blonde hair has a slightly dull tone and soft gray tints. A messy blonde will make you look as natural as possible.

Cold blond

This shade is especially good because of the absence of yellowness. This effect is achieved by bleaching the natural hair pigment.

Shades of blonde: ash blonde

Sombre is especially suitable for this shade of hair - a type of lightening of some strands of hair. Unlike ombre, this type of coloring creates the most natural overflow of shades without a sharp transition.

Shades of blonde: strawberry blonde

Strawberry blond dyeing leaves a slight shade of pink on the strands. Strawberry overflow can be cold or light, whichever you like best. This color has a pearly undertone and makes the hair seem to "shine" from the inside.

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